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We can help you with 6-24 months visa if you own a house/property in our resort.

A foreigner i Vietnam, one is only allowed to buy/invest property in a select few areas which have been approved by Planning & Investment Ministry or the county administration.

As countries with coastal ecological environment (density build villas in Stockholm is 20%) and most housing in Europe.

The luxury eco-villas we have density at most 20% (and added a garage, a house and a scenic pool)

Planning in accordance with international eco-high standards: the house to the next fence from 4-30m. Frontage from 16-20m.

The villas arrange staggered so many villas have ocean view.

There are many home models to choose from, ranging from 1 bedroom to 10 bedrooms. You are changing the shape of houses, roofs, rooms and self-finishing materials selected according to preference.

Construction and supervision by the Swedish human conduct. 3 soundinsulation wall, insulation and waterproofing.

Investment in this project not only provides ideal luxury villa for you and your family, get higher income, but you contribute to charity (company deduction percentage to build houses of gratitude, to help disadvantaged children, etc.).

Best Western plan to management of the rental villas and hotels.

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