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Vietnam is famous for its nature, its fascinating history and its rich culture. The country is covered by lush vegetation, untouchedd rainforests and protected parks; the coastal line by white beaches. With a nature whose beauty is without equal in SouthEast Asia, Vietnam is a place for exploration, relaxation and studies.

Vietnam has become a popular tourist destination, with a tourism industry which grows by 24-30% annually. It has also become more common place for both foreigners and expatriates to buy propety in which to spend a few months or more each year.  Read more»

Tuy Hoa City

102_0670edited.jpg is located in southern central Vietnam. The city is a center of Phu Yen province's economy, politics, culture and science. Tuy Hoa City Beach is located on a beautiful beach, right next to the sea, with excellent service, delicious and cheap food, and friendly, smiling people.

Here, tourists and retire poeple can relax, swim and enjoy the many local specialties and best sea food and best price.

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5* Scandia International Tourism Village in Vietnam

Welcome to your dream house!

We are proud to present our exclusive resort consisting of what will become 390,000 sqm of houses and hotels in Tuy Hoa City.

Scandia International Village is a project supported by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the Phu Yen Province. We offer you the opportunity of a safe investment in a property in our five star international tourist resort.

Contact us :

Tel: + 46(0)728 011 868 , 0728 014 068    

And + 84(0)942 0231 86 , (057)35 3553 449,

                   (0)905 4020 68


Scandia Villa & Resort Ltd.

is an investment company with close ties to Vietnam's various agencies that will help you to safely invest/buy/rent low-price and high quality properties in Vietnam. With us, you get the chance to own and/or operate your own villa, hotel, restaurant and/or B&B, located on a private beach.

We stand ready to assist our guests and partners with all aspects regarding living in Vietnam, as well as other services such as investment and establishing new companies in Vietnam and Tuy Hoa City.

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Helen Villa

The property can then be used as a vacation house or for long-term accomodations, with the option of renting it out to others when it is not in use.

We offer you very favourable rates, especially in comparison with the average asking price in Vietnam.

At the moment we have several finished houses with Swedish and Danish owners.

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