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Tuy Hoa City

Tuy Hoa is located in southern central Vietnam, 120 km fro Nha Trang City. The city is the center of Phu Yen province's economy, politics, culture and science.
Area: 65 km2. Population: 150,250. Inhabitants/km2: 1542nd

Attractions: Nhan Nhan Tower with Mount and Ho Son temple in Tuy Hoa Phu Yen province

Beautiful beaches

Tuy Hoa city beach is situated at a beautiful beach, right next to the sea, with excellent service, delicious and cheap food and friendly smiling people. With its beauty, fresh air and about. 10 km long beach Tuy Hoa has become a popular tourist resort.

Here, tourists and retired people can relax, swim and enjoy the many local specialties and cheap food.

There are also a number of pristine beaches with crystal clear water, a set of paradise islands, and very beautiful scenery. South Central Vietnam also has the country's best climate, with mild monsoons, and on average around 26.5 degrees Celsius. 


Good services

The city is developing very rapidly and it is planned to build a tourist center with lots of restaurants, hotels, luxury villas, golf course, tennis courts, and a 200-hectare ecological tourism area (which includes our construction area). Our area is an ideal place for tourists to visit for a vacation, an extended stay or a long term accommodation, and retired people . You get fast, cheap and very good service with everything from food delivered to your door (usually free) to massage and health care.

Tuy Hoa is one of the few cities in Vietnam, which has shores in connection to the city, and is the only beach town that still has pristine 


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A place for a good investment

  On our private area, you will find facilities such as a 160 000 square meter private beach, a park with many seafood   restaurants, pools, gymnasium, a clinic (general medicine, massage, acupuncture, acupressure, physical therapist), tennis court, spa with Vietnamese pavilions and coconut palms, grocery store, etc. You will also have the opportunity to rent a boat. 

Good price
Average price for one of our sites is around 15% of the price of a similar site in the neighboring town Nha Trang and 43% of the price of a similar plot in the rest of Tuy Hoa. We can also offer the only beach sites on a private beach in the whole of Tuy Hoa.
The houses in our own exclusive area has very reasonable prices. The site only costs U.S. $ 125-180 per square meter, a very competitive price even compared to local prices. A stone house of 40 m2 only costs 51 000 USD. We can keep these low prices thanks to the province to encourage foreign investment.

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