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Phu Yen Tuy Hoa Soceity







Area: 329.241 km2
Population: 80,902,400 inhabitants (in 2003)
Capital: Hanoi
Largest city: Ho Chi Minh City
Climate: tropical monsoon with mild
Topography: It consists of 3 / 4 of rock
Landscape: Vietnam is divided into 64 provinces and cities

Vietnam has more than 80 million inhabitants.

The country's gross domestic product has grown by about 7-8% annually in recent years. Similarly, although the quality of life is growing and heavily taped salary for every year which benefits the local population.

The Vietnamese government encourages tourism and has developed new laws to encourage investment by foreign interests. When Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization concluded the country to international trade agreements with Japan, South Korea, the members of ASEAN and the United States. Which opened the door for many more visitors and investors from around the world in general and the above countries in particular.

You can get a lot of information on Vietnam official homepage


It is the same authority that has an article on the start of production of

Scandia Villa and Resort.


Information about visa to Vietnam

For Nordic citizens: No visa required up to 15 days. Renewal applications may be in place in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang.
Longer tourist visas: You can apply for a visa at the airport or at the Vietnamese Embassy in your country. 

We can help you with 6-24 months visa if you own a house or property in our resort.

  You can also apply for "Visa On Arrival". A visa to pick up at the airport when you arrive.
  The visa can be ordered on the Internet. Read more 

The country of Vietnam has everything to offer: From the mountains, rainforests, paradise islands, towns ¤ nder, crystal clear water, to the temple and golf courses, pulse, and much more!
The people: The people are smiling, friendly and helpful.
Religion:      The majority are Buddhists.
Language:   Vietnamese, and the secondary language is English.
The food:     Food in Vietnam is extremely varied. From mild to strong Vietnamese Hue food. There are plenty of restaurants and fast food everywhere. When you long for your food, you can find it in the euro whipping restaurants such as French food, etc.. The bakers here offers many kinds of delicious bread and cakes. There are plenty of good well known beverages such as beer, coca cola, etc. to the famous Vietnamese tasty cheap drinks such as Saigon Beer, coffee, tea, etc..

Vietnam has a tropical climate. It is pleasantly mild, not too hot. In South Central to South Vietnam, it is warm all year round.


All international hospital in Vietnam works great, no queues exist. Dental care is very cheap.

A porcelain crown costs about 63 USD.

 Mobile in Vietnam
 Coverage is good throughout most of the country. It works great in our area.

 Hanoi: Capital
Ho Chi Minh City: Largest city


 1 - Roads & Traffic: Right-hand case. It is customary to hire a motorcycle or bicykel. There are plenty of      good highways. Highway 1A going through the whole country.

 2 - By train: There are long-distance trains passing through the whole country as well as local trains. 

 3-  Air:
Tuy Hoas airport is the largest airport in Central Vietnam and is scheduled to later take on international flights.


There is a wide range of leisure activities. Trips, golf, tennis, diving, musseldykning, fishing, shopping, amusement parks, and much more. There are 3 water sources that we can enjoy, etc.

More information

Vietnamese letters are in Latin, and therefore easy to read and write.

National Day: September 2

Currency Dong = about 0, 5 SEK

Land number phone: +84.

Area code is for Tuy Hoa (0) 57

Measurment system: m, kg, liter.

Timediffernece from GMT is 6 hours in summer, 7 + hours in winter

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